5 Ways to Get the Most from Hired Data Capture Staff

5 Ways to Get the Most from Hired Data Capture Staff

5 Ways to Get the Most from Hired Data Capture Staff

If you are considering hiring data capture staff, you will want to know how to get the best from them being part of your trade show team. With prospects galore in front of you at every trade show, conference or exhibition you attend, you want to get the most from your investment in it.

What data capture is not…

It is not a name and email address scribbled on a piece of paper. It is not a bowl of business cards. It is not a paper form that yields little once the trade show is over.

It is much more than this.

Getting more from data capture staff

Trained and experienced they may be, but our crack team of lead generators, promotional staff and data capture teams can only do so much with the tools that you give them. With many years’ experience in this field, we thought we would help you with these five great ideas for getting more from data capture at your next event.

#1 Simplicity
The simpler, the better.
With a paper-based system, you may find it becomes cluttered with all the information you want to collect from some participants. A digital process can be simpler for collecting information because the program narrows down the fields of questions and options depending on the information inputted by staff.  Digital data capture allows staff to concentrate on engaging with the customer, as well as collecting the information you need.

#2 Accuracy
There are many ways to collect data such as scanning exhibition badges etc. QR codes on other trade show products. Assess the predicted level of accuracy of the information you collect because what you don’t want to be left with an information landscape full of holes.  From missing names to incomplete emails, make sure that when you collect contact data, in particular, accuracy is assured.

#3 Context
So you’ve collected names and email addresses from your latest trade show appearance. Are these leads or simply a list?  The truth is, you have a register of names and nothing more valuable than this. What services are of interest to them? What products would they like to know more about? What level of interest did they display in buying?
These ‘extra’ pieces of information are valuable and are the snippets that turn a list into prospective leads for your business.

#4 Personalised
You hired data capture staff, they worked their magic and now you have a huge list of potential customers and collaborators. Now what? You should aim to contact the priority leads within a few days of the trade show finishing – these are the leads who are assessed as being ‘keen and ready’ to buy.  With a priority list of contacts at your disposal, you can begin the process of introducing your brand further. But how you make this contact is important. Personalise your follow-up. Surely this is worth it? After spending on the trade show stand and promotional staff to snaffle as many contacts and prospects as possible, spending time personalising emails is worth it too.

#5 Attitude
For too long, many brands and businesses have thought of trade shows in isolation to their brand’s main marketing and sales strategies. No event should be treated in isolation but seen as an opportunity to speak directly with potential customers to feed into and be part of your main marketing process.

And this change in mindset should extend to hiring data capture staff, promotional teams and event staff too. Align your event goals in line with your marketing objective to realise the full potential of hired staff.


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