7 Reasons to Exhibit at Trade Shows

7 Reasons to Exhibit at Trade Shows

7 Reasons to Exhibit at Trade Shows

Maybe you’ve seen the argument that the trade show as a marketing tool is no longer in favour. Expensive to exhibit, sucking times and resources from your business, you too may assume that in the digital age, the trade show is no longer needed.

But the trade show is undergoing change. No longer is it just a case of turning up being ‘enough’ to secure customers and clients. Exhibitors are working much harder to optimise every strand of a trade show.

Here are seven reasons why attending a trade show at the NEC Birmingham, and others across the UK, are worth it for your business.

Establish/promote/maintain your brand awareness and identity

Exhibiting at a trade show demonstrates your commitment to be a key influencer and player in your industry. Exhibiting at a trade show highlights your brand identity, cementing your position as the go-to organisation in your industry.

Meet people at Exhibitions

In other words, you get to meet your customers. In the digital age, many of the relationships we create are online, with customers rarely meeting with the brand that gives them such brilliant products or services. Exhibiting at a trade show gives your brand character, a chance for you to meet and listen and customers.

You’ll expand your brand reach

Trade shows still attract a diverse range of attendees and delegates. Choosing to exhibit at the right one is key to success and so it pays to do your research. But what you may find is that exhibiting at a trade show introduces your brand to a much wider and diverse marketplace, perfect for expanding your reach.

Show your brand, products and services in the very best light

There are so many ways of attracting attention at a trade show. A well-designed, attractive booth is critical as are the marketing and promotional techniques you will use to start conversations and close deals. The better the light you shine on your brand, the further your brand will reach.

Be part of the trade show’s marketing avenues

Trade show organisers work hard to attract brands to exhibit and to get the right people through the doors. To do this, they will have their own marketing techniques and avenue. And it tends to be a year-round continuous marketing activity because literally, as soon as one trade show is underway, they will start planning the next. By exhibiting at a trade show, you will find that organisers will showcase and highlight their exhibitor across their marketing channels, meaning your brand and products could be seen by a much wider audience than you think.

Nurture relationships

Trade shows are a networking gift. You get to catch up with previous and current clients, and possibly strike up relationships with new customers too. Frankly, there is no better place to be seen and with a fantastic trade show booth and trade show staff, you have the perfect venue to welcome people.

You will stay up to date with industry news and innovations

Staying current is simply essential. Staying in the know, being part of and contributing to innovations is important too, all of which is offered by the still-powerful trade show.

Can you think of reasons not to exhibit at a trade show?


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