promo girls Auto sportStart Your Engines! Why Hiring Promotional Staff for Upcoming Car Shows Could see Your Brand in Pole Position

The car industry is big business, from the high-powered engines of Formula 1 to the luxury car market that is growing year on year.

And so it’s no wonder that two car shows held at the NEC Birmingham in January are guaranteed to bring car enthusiasts together.

Autosport International and the Performance Car Show will be held across hall 1 to 5 at the world famous NEC, Birmingham.

Four-days of wall-to-wall cars, engines and everything to do with motorsport and cars will bring together leading brands from across the world. Attendee figures are expected to be high.  With enthusiasts travelling to the event to not just spectate but to get involved with the activities, seminars and displays that companies like yours will put on.

This show is unique in that the first two days will be open to trade only. For all brands, this is a golden opportunity to get noticed and introduce themselves to potential new clients.

Making the most of both car and motorsport shows!

Exhibiting at any show is an investment of money and time, but done right, you can create and maximise opportunities for your business. These shows are no different, so how can you make the most of your time there?

• Promote it
In such a niche market, there is a dedicated following by enthusiasts from around the globe.  There is no doubt that once you have your stand booked, you need to start telling your fans and potential new followers and customers that you are going to be there.

• Hashtag it
Many event organisers create hashtags for use on tweets, posts and social media.  This is so that as many people as possible come along to the event.  Be part of that hashtag campaign and enjoy the exposure it gives you. For the 2019 shows, use #ASI19 on all show-related updates and tweets.

• Objectives
So revealing a new product to launching a new service, there are so many opportunities at both these shows to maximise your reach and engagement with customers old and new. Don’t leave anything to chance over the four-day show. Have objectives for making the most of the two trade-only days and a different set of goals for the remaining two days when the public stream past your stand at the NEC Birmingham.

Get promo staff in place NOW!

From promotional staff to costumed performers, to demonstrators and presenters, to maintain the energy, passion and drive towards meeting your goals.  You need an experienced promotional team. But you also want them to have knowledge, matched with a passion for your industry.

Our promotional staff are invaluable at events like the Autosport International show and the Performance Car show. Can we help you get to pole position?


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