Comic Con – Birmingham

promo-girls-exhibition-girls-comic-com-birminghamThe Birmingham Comic Con

Do you fancy yourself a Geek or a Nerd? Are you a fan of anime, fantasy sci-fi, or are you just a regular gamer? Whatever your tastes may be the Comic Con is coming to in Birmingham with a little bit of something for everyone. Coming to you in 19-20 of November at the NEC in Birmingham, England.

Take a tour of Comic Village where you’ll get to meet an array of all of your favorite authors and artists or enjoy a Q & A Panel with some of your favorite stars, directors, and much more from some of the hottest films.

Some past stars of recent convention here include those from some of the greatest in entertain: Dr. Who, Harry Potter, the LOTR series, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and even some the cast from Walking Dead have all paid a visit at past events. You’ll also find some of the most envied collectibles money can buy, including toys and figures that can be enjoyed the children and grown-ups alike.

Best of all many will be in costume so you’ll get see your characters come to life in the form of creative costumes by both professionals and amateurs alike.

Hire Staff To Help You At Comic Con

If your visit is more for business rather than pleasure then it turns out we might be able to help. We provide some of the best in help for exhibition and trade show workers than can help your booth run smoothly and make it the best it can be. We also have costumed performers to bring your attractions to life as we help you reel in the fans. All of our people are trained and experienced professionals and no strangers to the venue so you can be sure they’ll know that they’re doing. We’re more than willing to engage you in a chat to help determine everything you need and that our staff can apply. We promise to provide you with nothing but the best.

We’ll cater your experience to make this event the best it can be for you and maximize your reach to new buyers and networks. Call us today for a free quote and we’ll discuss more deeply what we can do for you!

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