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Corporate Hostesses NECCorporate Hostesses – NEC

The Brief

Our client specialises in the design, logistics and construction of exhibition stands at venues such as the NEC, Earls Court and the SECC. Our client is in partnership with a coach manufacturer that has recently started exhibiting at events across the UK. The event runs by having three coaches on display along with a seating area for potential buyers to discuss the purchase of the coaches with the onsite sales team. Our role for the event was to provide a team of ten corporate hostesses with the duties of serving refreshments, greeting guests and maintaining a well presented stand.

Our Corporate Hostess Sourcing

When sourcing and providing staff there are key aspects to consider such as reliability, punctuality and work ethic. When performing duties such as being a corporate hostess our staff must excel in areas such as presentation, communication and the ability to learn company knowledge quickly. As a routine all staff that work on our assignments have a extensive briefing with our bookings team to confirm the goals, expectations and product information that is required to make the event a success. Due to the stand having ten event staff we also provided an event manager to oversee the event and oversee the hostesses, answer any questions and allow our client more time to focus on other aspects of the event.

The Results

Once the event had finished we had a full de-brief with the client on how the event ran and how the results required were archived. Due to a 50% additional footfall on the stand which was not anticipated our clients sales team became overwhelmed with the level of enquiries. Due to this our corporate hostesses took on a new role which was to mingle and occupy the potential buyers whilst they were waiting for a salesperson to become available.

Our client was delighted with the results with a record number of sales for a single event. We have events booked up at the SECC and Manchester Central and are currently in talks for events in London later this year.

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