Find new customers at Exhibitions

Find new customers at Exhibitions

Find new customers at Exhibitions

Exhibitions are definitely one of the best ways to find new customers and make your company better known to a very wide audience. The NEC regularly attracts thousands of visitors to every exhibition at the site.

But be warned – it is hard work, it takes time and preparation and you might not see an instant result in terms of sales. It can be discouraging for small companies. Initial expectations can easily be unrealistic.

Have the right approach

Having the right approach from the beginning will make a difference. You have to plan your exhibition strategy, consider exactly why people are coming to that show, choose the right exhibition, capture all available data, maximise every sales opportunity and take time to check out the show themselves to see what ideas they can find.

Don’t spend half an hour chatting with just one company with whom you have traded before – you can do that easily on other occasions. An exhibition is where you can meet new prospects.

One of the big advantages of taking part in exhibitions is the fact that you can meet people face to face. You can connect directly with your prospective customers, find out what they like/dislike about your product or service. Above all, you can gather sales leads. Capture as many addresses, emails, phone numbers as possible – and follow these up later when you return to your office. You have to show every contact that you really want their business, remember that the exhibition is just a starting point.

Keep costs down

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a stand at an exhibition. Use some creativity and thought to give visual impact to the stand design, bring in eye catching posters or images, make sure your products are displayed clearly and emphasising all their unique points. Pitching successfully on Dragons Den, Magic Whiteboards revamped their exhibition concept to enable the convenience, space saving factor of whiteboards, blackboards and blinds on a roll to be instantly appreciated.

Hire some specialist event staff such as demonstrators or meet & greet personnel. It means that there will never be a moment when your stand is left without anyone in attendance, and every potential customer reached.

Above all, talk to everyone – potential customers, other businesses, sales representatives, press.

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