Food Exhibition Inspiration

Food Exhibition Inspiration

Food Exhibition Inspiration

Food, Glorious Food – who can resist exploring the vast array of tasty treats on offer at food exhibitions? Not surprisingly, food exhibitions popular with everyone, whether business to business or consumer. The number of food exhibitions and food shows both large and small, are constantly increasing. Attendance is always high.

Making the most of every opportunity is crucial to the success of every exhibitor. Stands need to be inspiring, catching the attention of every visitor with an instantly identifiable offer. Vegans will not want to spend time at a stand selling meat or meat related products, and exhibitors with gluten free products will need to make sure they attract their key customers as well as everyone else.

Never leave your stand unattended – you will almost certainly miss some potential customers.

Make sure you have enough staff available to cope with demand throughout the day. As a specialist exhibition staffing company we can immediately provide you will all the staff you need, even at short notice. Since they are all highly skilled professionals, they will be fully briefed in advance and ready to start work as an integral part of your team the moment they arrive.

It is worth considering using specialist demonstrators to show how equipment works, or highlight new techniques and products. Visitors love to be able to see equipment in action, talk to people using the equipment and products. If you are cooking special recipes on the stand, why not have copies of the recipes available for people to take away and try at home

Tasting and sampling is another crucial aspect of food exhibitions. Everyone visits expecting to be able to try new foods, discover new tastes, sample unusual beverages. It is the best way of encouraging people to buy your product. If they like the taste, they are more likely to buy. Simply reading about a product, seeing a bottle or other container is not enough to prompt that buying decision. No one wants to buy something which after the first taste is left unused and has to be thrown away – it can prove expensive. Sampling at an exhibition or show makes all the difference.

Ensure you have plenty of samples available, and professional staff to distribute them.

Don’t forget the press – take some samples and relevant information to the onsite media centre ready for journalists to use. Why not consider holding a special tasting event purely for the press? One press mention can reach several thousand potential buyers. This is where using specialist sampling staff and demonstrators can prove very useful, as they can run the event in the press centre for you or hold it on your stand at a pre-arranged time.

Think too about other ways to inspire and attract interest. Could a character mascot help? The sight of someone dressed as a tomato or banana meandering around a show instantly catches the attention of every visitor, providing an opportunity to hand out literature and brochures encouraging them to visit your stand.

Constantly think ahead, and be prepared to take any opportunity for publicity that arises during the exhibition. You might have a great story to tell about a visitor or special request that occurs – offer it as a news story to the exhibition newspaper, or put out an immediate press release. Always be ready to offer special deals or take part in competitions – they can attract a lot of attention. You can hire experienced exhibition staff or promotional staff to assist you in this area too!

It’s hard work – but the rewards can be extremely high. Take time to enjoy it too, since it can be great fun meeting some fantastic people.

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