Giveaways at Exhibitions – What works best!

Giveaways at Exhibitions – What works best!

Giveaways at Exhibitions – What works best!

How can you guarantee that your company name stays visible to business prospects long after an exhibition at the NEC Birmingham is over?  The answer is simple – a promotional giveaway.

But choose your giveaway very carefully.  It needs to be more than just a pen, key ring or a memory stick containing images and information.  All too often those items end up forgotten in a drawer. You need to make the giveaway relevant to your company and something people are likely to use on a regular basis.

Consider the size of your giveaway!

Giveaways need to be small, light and easily portable.  After all, your visitors will be walking round a show all day. There is a limit as to how much they can carry with them.  If an item is too big, or too heavy, there is a risk that it will eventually be left in a corner of a lounge or seating area around the NEC in favour of items that are more easily portable.

Useful giveaways

Think about items that people can use – a mobile phone accessory such as a smartphone wallet might be instantly put to use.

Other useful items could include

  • Travel mugs
  • Coffee coasters
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Travel accessories
  • Solar phone chargers
  • Product samples

Consider too digital giveaways such as an opportunity to take part in a virtual training session, or download a movie

Think outside the box

Package food & drink items with your logo and contact details prominently displayed.

Offer the chance to take part in special experiences related to your brand

Provide food & drink on your stand at the NEC Birmingham to people who come and chat.  If a visitor is trying a new drink, tasting chocolate or a smoothie then they are going to stay longer.  It offers the perfect opportunity to discuss and promote your products.

Make your giveaway relevant

Successful giveaways need to reflect your brand, and something that people will use.  It could be as simple as branded bookmarks at a publishing company, or food samples at a caterer.  The more chance you can give people the opportunity to sample your product over a longer period after you leave the NEC in Birmingham, the more likely they are to become involved. 

Brand Image

Whatever the giveaway, make sure your brand image is prominent.  Use your brand colours for packaging, use the same font and style that can be seen on your website. If you are emphasising green, sustainable credentials then make sure that the packaging reflects this by avoiding single use plastic!


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