Handing out flyers at Exhibitions Does it really work?

Handing out flyers at Exhibitions Does it really work?

Handing out flyers at Exhibitions. Does it really work?

Distributing leaflets at events is one of the strongest ways to promote your business. It immediately captures the attention of people passing your display, as well as providing instant information to visitors. Leaflets make people think. Whatever the leaflet, people always take a quick glance at its contents providing an instant opportunity to attract attention to a service, product or business.

Employing professional leaflet distributors ensures this task is carried out effectively targeting the specific demographic groups you require. Experienced, courteous, helpful and friendly, our staff know how to approach visitors, encouraging them to accept a leaflet and provide more details as needed.

It is not just at exhibition venues or special events where leaflet distribution can play a major role in marketing strategy. You can also use them in shopping centres like the Bull Ring, in supermarkets and other high street retailers. It is a perfect way to highlight your product or service.

Sometimes a creative approach can help. Having a costumed character such as a company mascot, animal or someone dressed up as a vegetable instantly attracts attention, especially for media pictures. Kids love seeing costumed characters and often want photographs taken alongside the character resulting in parents frequently adding those images to their social media pages.

Work with us to make your flyer campaign truly fly away

At NEC exhibition staff we work personally with every client. We take time to make sure that we know exactly what you want, and keep you informed at every stage in the booking from start to finish. You tell us what you want. Do you want flyers carefully targeted at specific demographics? Or can they be distributed to anyone so as to reach maximum distribution? Do you want them distributed at specific times of day to reach target markets? Do you have specific events or locations in mind, or would you like to us recommend suitable venues? Do you want a mascot?

Do you want staff that can help capture data or undertake market research while handing out leaflets?

Whatever you want we can provide it, and we will ensure the task is undertaken professionally and efficiently. You will not be disappointed!

Contact us now to discuss your requirements for your next leafleting campaign.


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