promotions staff RICOH ARENAHire Exhibition Staff at BevExpo 

The beverage industry gets a perfect platform to exhibit its products at the BevExpo. As the name suggests, it is an event revolving around all kinds of beverages. The suppliers of beverages will be able to display their products. They will get a chance to let visitors try their drinks and examine them in depth.

The exhibition will be held in Coventry, England. The venue for the event is Ricoh Arena, Judds Lane. The exhibition covers over 6,000 square meters. It also has a stadium which is booked by local sports teams every now and then. The venue also houses a casino for entertainment purposes. Thus, Ricoh Arena is a complex that serves many purposes.

Hire staff for Bev Expo at the RICOH Arena

For the BevExpo, the event hall, which is a large area, will be filled with stalls from lots of vendors. Therefore, stall owners will have to hire staff to help them with various tasks. The NEC Exhibition Staff is the perfect agency for hiring staff from. We have thousands of temporary personnel who are based locally.

We can hire you intelligent people who are very quick at learning new tasks. They can dress according to the theme of the event. They are dressed impeccably, looking sharp all times. We can guarantee that they will leave a lasting impression on people who visit your stalls. They may also help attract people to your exhibition stall.

Our staff are proficient in a lot of jobs. They can distribute your flyers and promotional content throughout the exhibition venue. They can also help bring the maximum number of exhibition visitors to your stalls. If you have too many visitors, our staff will help you handle them efficiently. So, while you are handling one visitor, they will keep the other visitors occupied until you are free.

Our people are also good at product display and demonstration. You will just have to tell them all the relevant information. With their eloquence, they will inform your visitors about your products. They will also be able to let visitors sample your beverages. Data collection and recording is also one of the many skills that our staff possesses. So, record-keeping will be an easy job if you hire NEC Exhibition Staff.

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Our people can efficiently handle the registration desk for the event itself. We have attractive, presentable hosts and hostesses. They will welcome your visitors with hospitality. This event includes seminars and information session as well. You can also rely on them to guide the visitors regarding the instructions locations of the various activities taking place at the exhibition.

We can provide suitable staff for your event depending on your needs. Simply tell us the required job skills and we will recommend our best staff to you. You can also ask for staff of a particular age. If you have any questions, you can use the form on our website to send your queries to us. You can also reach us at our phone number or email address. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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