Hiring Exhibition Staff at the Last Minute

Hiring Exhibition Staff at the Last Minute

Hiring Exhibition Staff at the Last Minute

We like to think that as we put together our event, we will be the epitome of super-organised. But sometimes, even the best-laid plans go awry and when they do, you need solutions. But what problems wait in the wings to derail your finely tuned event plan? And what can you do about them?

Scenario 1: Sickness – reduced number of staff

You’ve had your stand booked at the trade show for months and the day on the event at the NEC dawns bright and clear, except for one major black cloud on the horizon – staff members have called in sick.

Illness does happen and so it is always worth planning a back-up plan in case one or more of your crew can’t make it.

Can you cover it?

In your panic, you might be tempted to snap the hand of the first person who offers to help out but here’s what you need to consider: do they have the skills that are needed to make the show at the NEC a success for your brand?

Scenario 2: People pulling out at the last minute

It’s a fact of life that people let you down. Some say it is part of human nature and although it may send you into a tailspin, all good event organisers know that they need an action plan should this happen.

Can you cover it?

Just like covering for unexpected sickness among colleagues, it is tempting to drag anyone who shows a glimmer of interest onto your stand. With a trade show stand at the NEC being such a big marketing investment for your brand, is this the best course of action?

Scenario 3: Work commitments

Taking time out from your business to staff a trade show is not something that you can do on a regular basis and yet so many smaller brands do exactly this. Time away from your business is precious and although the stand can bring in many orders and interest, it means that the office is on skeleton staff and some customers may receive their orders late.

It may be that you decide this is not the best course of action for your business and so, at the last minute, you decide that you need a crack team of promotional staff for your stand.

Can promotional staff be hired at the last minute?

Yes, they can! We provide promotional staff for brands at events that have been booked months in advance, as well as last-minute requests that include anything from a few days before to on-the-day requests!

But do you get the same quality of staff are service with last-minute requests?

When you come to us, you do – and we guarantee that. Just as when you hire exhibition staff before an event, we get you the best promo staff when you give us as much detail as possible, even for last-minute requests.

Tell us what skills you are looking for and the objectives for your event. You might also have more specific details such as promo staff who can wear the uniforms that are ordered for the day. You might also have other factors that need to be met.

And no, you won’t pay an inflated price either.

For all your promotional staff needs, including last-minute requests, contact the bookings team today!


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