Hiring Exhibition Staff – Your Questions Answered!

Hiring Exhibition Staff – Your Questions Answered!

Hiring Exhibition Staff – Your Questions Answered!

If you haven’t hired exhibition staff before, then you need this quick-fire round of questions and answers!

1. How will they know what to do?
Before we select the NEC exhibition staff for your assignment, we assess what it is you really need for the event. You may need sales staff, for example, or staff who can approach and engage potential customers, qualifying them as potential leads. And we get this information by understanding what your objectives are for exhibiting at that particular trade show.
2. How do I know they are the right people for the job?
We look at your business, the nature of the trade show and what you want our professional exhibition staff to deliver. Only then do we handpick the staff team from our extensive database of experienced promotional staff.
3. How many promotional staff will I need?
This is dependent on many things such as your budget, the size of your stand (you don’t necessarily want a large staff team on a smaller stand), what you want to achieve and so on. Some clients hire a team of exhibition staff whilst other businesses hire one or two people. The choice is yours!
4. Will it be the same people for the duration of the show?
This depends on the nature of the trade show and when and for how long you want our promotional team present for. Some clients have our team working the stand at busier times whereas some brands ask us to supply a team from start to finish.
5. What is it that promotional staff do?
As well as sales, we have promotional staff who can collect information and feedback, register customers, give out leaflets and flyers, product sampling or launches etc. But we also have performers who can play Father Christmas, be part of PR stunts, flash mobs and more!
6. How else can promotional staff help?
You can hire a crack team of promotional staff who can build your stand before the event, and then come back once the event has closed to pack away your stand. Our promo teams can also administer your stand during the show, keeping a clean and tidy space.
7. What about cover breaks and lunches?
We work breaks and lunch breaks into the hiring process, but we always make sure that there is a professional member of our team on your stand at all times. Our people are experienced at working at trade shows and understand that taking breaks and lunches will fall outside of peak times.
8. Will the exhibition staff understand what my brand is about?
Yes, they will. Our teams will be given all the information they need and are expected to get fully clued-up on your business, brand, products and services. Our team members are always professional, every minute of the day.
9. What if I’m not happy or want to change something?
If you aren’t happy about something, approach and talk to our staff or, if you prefer, call us.
10. Is it very expensive to hire NEC Exhibition Staff?
Not when you consider the value they bring to your stand and the many more customers and higher visibility that they bring too.

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