Hiring Promotional Staff for The National Running Show

Hiring Promotional Staff for The National Running Show

Hiring Promotional Staff for The National Running Show

There many shows that cater to specific tastes and hobbies. One of these show is The National Running Show held at the NEC, usually in January of each year. A successful show, it’s no wonder that more brands associated with running and fitness, in general, are choosing to exhibit and showcase their products here. But why hire promotional staff?

The National Running Show – a runaway success

With over 250 exhibitors, 27,500 runners are expected through the door and with 18 interactive features, it is no wonder that this two-day show is packed to the rafters every year.

For any brand looking to exhibit here, there is a ready-audience to tap into but at such a busy show, it is also possible that you could miss the people who are your potential customers. And that’s why hiring promotional staff makes sense.

#1 Professional, skilled – and runners too!

Passionate and energetic, promotional staff bring so much to a show that it’s hard to imagine why a brand wouldn’t hire promo staff. A common concern is that the promo staff they get sent will not have any knowledge or passion for the topic or for what their brand offers.

We understand this which is why we handpick the right people – and that means looking closely at what they can offer a brand.

There are millions of people in the UK who enjoy everything from a gentle jog to park runs, races and triathlons and we know that we have promotional staff who also enjoy running. And that means you will get the sales and promotional staff you need with the knowledge and passion for your product and running too.

#2 Bring your show strategy to life

This is too big an event to miss. There are over 27,000 thousand people expected to walk through the doors and with some of the biggest athletic names also expected to attend, it’s no wonder that this is such a big show!

What it doesn’t mean is that customers will automatically flock to your stand or interactive feature. You still need to have a marketing strategy and a plan for how you will meet your goals.

It could be maximising sales or it may be that you want people to try your product. Likewise, you may also want to capture data and feedback on everything from packaging to how your products could be improved.

By knowing what you want to achieve when exhibiting at The National Running Show, you’ll know the skills that you will need when hiring promotional staff. Just let us know what skills you are looking for and we’ll make sure you get the right people.

#3 You get to ENJOY the show too

You are a running enthusiast yourself, as are your team, and so this is an important show not just for your brand but for you. Knowing that your stand is in safe promotional staff hands, you have the freedom to check out the show itself and your competitors, something that is important…

Stay in touch with The National Running Show across social media too – and with our promo staff on hand, why not tag your brand onto the hashtag campaign throughout the event too?


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