Hiring temporary staff at the National Exhibition Centre Birmingham

Hiring temporary staff at the National Exhibition Centre Birmingham

Hiring temporary staff at the National Exhibition Centre Birmingham

As one of the premier exhibition centres, the NEC Birmingham hosts top exhibitions and shows. To get the best out of every opportunity, you need the best staff in the area.

We can provide exactly that. With over 12 years experience providing local staff, our Exhibition Staffing Agency is able to provide professional, experienced staff capable of dealing with every type of product and event.

What makes our staff so good?

Reliable, punctual and ready to go!

Our staff are always fully briefed before they arrive at your stand. Your company website will have been studied, and every staff member will be totally cognisant of all your products. They will have been made aware of every item of relevant background information. When they arrive, they will be able to start work immediately without any hesitation.

As they are local to the centre, they have minimal transport requirements and are totally contactable by us throughout the event.

WhatsApp Messaging

We organise a pre show messaging group involving our clients, staff and booking teams. All relevant pre-show information and entrance passes are shared on this site. Every day during the event, we check in the staff. Photos are shared and clients can communicate instantly with us through the App.


Our staff always adopt a professional approach and wear smart business clothes. They are outgoing, confident and intelligent, enjoy meeting new people and talking to visitors. Many of the staff have a background in entertainment which is a distinct advantage at exhibitions and events.

Business/Marketing skills

Many of our exhibition staff are highly qualified, possessing degrees in business, event management and marketing. As an additional benefit to our clients, we carefully match our clients and staff according to backgrounds and personal interests. Promoting a company or product is much easier when a staff member is keen on the subject matter/

Exhibition experience

Every member of our staff is fully experienced with all aspects of exhibition work. They are accustomed to spotting leads, generating business and talking to large numbers of people. Their skill means that they can filter out the exhibition attendees who are really interested in your product, and ensure that your sales team meets those people.


Our staff are fully cognisant with modern technology and can be quickly trained to use badge scanners, iPads and various android devices. Our presenting teams can also demonstrate technology and undertake presentations.


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