How will events be Covid compliant in 2021

How will events be Covid compliant in 2021

How will events be Covid compliant in 2021?

Trade shows, exhibitions, events of all kinds will need to be Covid Compliant for the foreseeable future. Even with vaccines, Covid will still be around and high standards of cleanliness will be essential. Rules can change quickly and staff have to be able to react fast.

Thankfully, being Covid Compliant is easy to achieve. It only needs small changes in the way staff work and won’t restrict how they promote a brand or encourage sales. Being clearly Covid Compliant will actually encourage visitors since it will make them feel safe.

Making your event Covid Secure

Any staff you hire from our agency will follow the government current guidance and will follow your (and the venue’s) health & safety guidelines.

Washing hands regularly and using hand sanitizer is essential. Our staff are advised as to the most effective ways of hand washing and using hand sanitizer. Depending on the event, a hand wash log is provided.

A clean, hygienic appearance encourages customers to your stand at exhibitions and trade shows. Our promotional staff are expected to ensure that the stand is always clean, tidy and uncluttered, using cleansing wipes and other cleaning products regularly.

Some shows and exhibitions may require the use of PPE equipment such as masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer both for the use of staff and visitors. Full training will be provided where necessary to ensure full compliance.

Social distancing can be hard to maintain at busy shows and exhibitions. Using appropriate floor tape and signs are tactful reminders allowing conversations to take place safely.

The use of no touch thermometers may be needed at some events. This is usually done at the entrance, and so promotional staff do not need to ‘test’ visitors when they approach the stand.

Making sure your visitors are safe!

Above all, the health and welfare of our promotional staff is important both physically and mentally. Having these Covid Secure measures in place will ensure the safety of staff and visitors, making it possible to conduct business in a safe, secure environment.

Ring us on 0844 800 0071 if you have any questions about our Covid 19 compliant training and staffing. We are happy to help.


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