Marketing Tips for Your Trade Show Booth

Marketing Tips for Your Trade Show Booth

tips for trade showsMarketing Tips for Your Trade Show Booth

Trade shows are the perfect place to market your business, but it’s important to make the most out of the opportunity. You can put in the time and effort and spend a great deal of money on your booth, but that alone doesn’t guarantee success. A little research along with some careful planning can ensure that you have a successful showing at the next exhibition or trade show you participate in.

A trade show exhibition is the perfect venue for buyers and sellers to meet up. Buyers are there to find and learn all they can about the latest products and services in their industry. You’re there to show them what you’ve got and why they should buy from you.

Here are a few helpful tips to get trade show visitors to stop by your booth:

1. Location of Booth or Stand

Just as in real estate, at a trade show it’s all “location, location, location” when it comes to your booth or stand. At most trade shows you can get a prime location if you’re willing to pay the extra charge.

You’re not the only one who wants these spaces, so you’ll need to inquire about them early. The prime locations are going to go quickly, with some even being grandfathered in, which means you’ll have to plan well ahead of time, perhaps a year in advance.

When you sit down to negotiate your contract, think about future events. If you are a regular or intend to participate year after year, you will want to ensure that you have the same prime location nailed down for years to come. It’s worth it to try and leverage this now and get this written in your contract.

2. Create an Eye-Catching Look

Visitors are going to stop by a great looking booth. Make an effort when designing your trade show booth or hire a professional. The more colourful it is the better. You want visitors to stop and engage with you, not just glance over and walk on by.

3. Your Stand or Booth Must be Approachable

You can have a great looking beautifully designed booth, but if the people attending your booth don’t present themselves as warm welcoming professionals with smiles on their faces, you won’t get much traction.

Your display should have a variety of options so that everyone can find something that appeals to them. Some like brochures and pamphlets while others prefer watching a video.

4. A Professional Booth Host Can Add Polish

Think about hiring a professional booth host or hostess, someone who is welcoming, trained to answer basic questions and will direct visitors to the right staff member behind the booth.

5. Promotions & Show Specials

You will want to highlight your show specials or promotions so that buyers can clearly see what they need to purchase at the show so that they are eligible for your special offer or discount. Make sure your promotions or show special are clearly and prominently posted.

6. Promotional Products & Contests

Everyone likes a chance to win something; so having special promotions, a contest or prize drawing will naturally draw people towards your booth. A bevy of promotional products and giveaways are what makes trade shows so much fun. Make sure you have plenty of branded gifts on hand.

7. Leverage Social Media

As part of your overall social media strategy you should have a specific plan for marketing your trade show participation. Go out of your way to engage with people checking in at the venue and those who comment on social media about the trade show.

To make your trade show participation a huge success will require a lot of planning. Because trade shows are risky in terms of the cost involved and the brief nature of the experience, it is doubly important that you do everything you can in advance to ensure your success.

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