Temp sales staff BirminghamSales and Lead Generation Staff for Trade Shows & Exhibitons Birmingham

Temporary sales staff are rapidly increasing to become a new standard practice in business. Agencies like ours are rising to the challenge providing these temporary staff for sales and even lead generation. It spares them the expense and the extra provision required for full time staff that may not need. For example, you might want to hire staff to promote a product or do research for an event you have at NEC Birmingham. You may need sales staff to qualify leads at a Trade Show you are having at the ICC. You probably don’t need long term employees for that, making sales temps an attractive alternative.

Our staff have a great deal of experience, especially working around the NEC & ICC Birmingham venues where you might be working with a trade show or even hosting a conference. Our staff are confident and sociable and they are driven to produce results. They have no qualms working out in the open, for example at a booth you might have reserved at an exhibition. We also have staff trained an experienced to help you generate leads, build your network, or even help you a little research.

Hiring Sales Temps 

You can hire our sales on an ‘on-demand’ basis, meaning they can come and go as you please. For example, you may only need them around every time you pay a visit to the NEC Birmingham or other exhibition venues. Additionally you might only need them when you feel the need to update your leads, maybe break into some fresh markets. We’re here to help!

Our staff can also support your own full time sales department by finding leads for them to pursue. They could also attempt to contact your clients to see if they might have more leads, expanding your market and building your network from the ground up. They can work in the streets, cold call, or sell at a public booth. We’re willing and able to do it all, and best of all, our workers are local so it’s easy and cost-effective compared to other outsourcing options.

You can contact us with an inquiries or to get started today, we’ll provide the best staff and work out a plan for them to fulfil your needs.

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