The UK’s Biggest Dog Show – Crufts

The UK’s Biggest Dog Show – Crufts

The UK’s Biggest Dog Show – Crufts

Dogs rule at Crufts for this is the biggest annual international dog show and exhibition of its kind in the world. Over 10,000 canine friends take part in Crufts, and yet more come along with their human companions to view the judging and find the latest snacks and treats on offer.

This is truly a dog lover’s dream venue for it covers everything canine in every way. Live shows can be watched in the Arena where dogs compete to take the coveted title of Best in Show. Elsewhere there are lots of interactive fun within the Dog Activities allowing dog owners to discover ways to unleash your dog’s potential (providing they decide to do as they are told!).

With over 550 trade stands offering every possible type of canine product from dog chews, dog food to shampoos, leashes and dog beds – all of which prove extremely tempting to the numerous dogs and owners.

It is a very friendly, cheerful environment creating a wonderful atmosphere for staff as well as visitors. We provide lots of promotional staff, demonstrators and sales assistants to help out at Crufts and they always have a fantastic time. Working at the Crufts exhibition is very popular among our staff, with people being rebooked time and time again to come back and enjoy the fun.

Crufts is definitely one of the largest events held at the Birmingham NEC every year. It also attracts a vast array of publicity, with national TV broadcasting from the show and journalists from around the world keen to write up the countless doggy adventures at the show.

For businesses, it is a perfect opportunity to promote their wares to the widest possible audience. People come to Crufts to have a good time and to buy treats for their canine friends. It means you have a captive audience ready and waiting to discover your products.

Hire professional experienced staff for Crufts

Obviously, it is also very hard work, with most stands needing to hire specialist support staff to help out. This is where we can help out. We provide local exhibition staff who really know the NEC. Most of them have worked at Crufts before, and are familiar with the layout, the activities and the best ways to get good sales results. Naturally they also enjoy meeting so many bouncy, chatty dogs!

Contacting us as early as possible to discuss your staffing requirements is essential simply because most of our staff get booked up far in advance of the exhibition dates. Companies know our staff and often rebook as soon as one show ends, and thoughts begin to turn to the next.

Apart from sales staff, we can also provide event staff, demonstrators, sampling staff and hospitality staff.


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