Top tips for planning your next exhibition stand at the NEC for 2021

Top tips for planning your next exhibition stand at the NEC for 2021

Dust yourself off, 2021 here we go!

Top tips for planning your next exhibition stand at the NEC for 2021

2021 one has started, and it is apparent that the dreaded C word is here to stay for at least a large part of 2021. With the events industry raring to go & in many ways needing to go, we are going to looking at some of the planning that you can do to help your events in 2021 Covid.

In 2021 there will be a resurgence of businesses and customers looking to buy, sell and invest but as we each know. A strong desire to connect, face to face in a way that was just not possible last year.

Below are some top tips for planning your next show and ensuring you don’t leave yourself open to additional challenges as much as possible.

Event & Exhibition Insurance

BORING ALERT – Nobody enjoys dealing with it, but remember to 100% clear on what is covered and what is not, many Insurance policies do little to cover the costs of COVID-19 This may affect your premium, but lets face it, we all know there will be many people and businesses who now wish they had taken out that extra cover.

Event Contingency Planning

One thing we have learned we can rely on is, nothing is a given. We could be forgiven for not planning for a global pandemic, but it’s certainly on our minds now & has probably changed cancelation terms forever.

If the worst should happen, your customers still need to hear from you, there are still sales to be made. If you are not already, read your contract & understand your rights in the event of a cancellation and factor in the impact financially of costs and deposits into your budget if the worst does happen. Be ready for that event to be postponed or turned into a virtual one!

The role of technology at Exhibitions

It must be said, technology has surged in 2020. With us being stuck at home for work, entertainment & socialising the pandemic has maybe changed the way we will interact for generations. Will we still spend hours travelling for what could essentially just be a 15 minute Zoom call?

Shows are now streamed, but will this be the norm moving forward? No.

Although virtual conferences can offer accessibility and have been a the only option during lockdown, ultimately, they cannot replicate the excitement of a live event. People do not just attend shows, they are the show. They create the atmosphere, they create the buzz and the excitement and overall enhance the experience for everyone from visitors, to exhibitors to organisers. We are after all social creatures.

Brand ambassadors from NEC Exhibition Staff

Brand ambassadors are just one of the promotional staffing services available from us here at NEC Exhibition Staff.

But it one of our most popular. That’s because it gets results. Word of mouth advertising – similar to what brand ambassadors can deliver – has a positive effect with some marketers suggesting that the conversion rate is as high as 66%. We also have a useful guide with tips for hiring staff at exhibitions, click here to read more!

Why stop at one brand ambassador? Hire a team of brand ambassadors from NEC Exhibition Staff, a leading promotional staffing agency – call us on 0844 800 0071 or send us an email for a no obligation quote today.


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