What are your best memories from a Trade Show?

What are your best memories from a Trade Show?

What are your best memories from a Trade Show?

When you last visited the exhibition halls, was there something that really stood out? Is there a brand or company you talked about after the event? Was it the staff confidence or the information they knew? There could be many reasons and we can help you recreate that memory.

There are various people that you can hire to work at your event, who have differing experience, characteristics, and personalities – this having a big role on how your event can play out to prospective clients and customers.

Are your guests entertained and educated?

Most exhibitors at the NEC approach their events with the same plan of action and marketing pattern. This usually consists of selecting their target audience, overloading them with information and preaching they will save you money – this does not help them stand out from all the other exhibitors that are on display.

The key is confident and approachable exhibition sales staff to help attract the footfall to your business, once they have the captive audience, they will need to keep them entertained and not throw all the information at the guests at once – this is where our staff draw on their experience working with similar brands to yourself and having worked at the NEC on numerous occasions.

You meanwhile can pass delegates on to our hospitality staff who can provide them with refreshments, whilst they can take in your information or sample your products. The more time that people spend at your stand, the more information they are going to soak up and the bigger the impact you are going to have on them.

Implementation of your Trade Show Staff…

You can set up and pitch your booth at the trade show, but this is not a guarantee of success. You will need to strategise step-by-step how you will show your self to the public. How will you attract footfall? What is the message you want to portray? How will you keep them captive?

It is important you know what you want to achieve and how you are going to measure the success of your event. This is personal to your business, such as how many leads you want to achieve, how many samples you have handed out, or how much social media interaction you have captured.  Experienced Exhibition staff can do this for you!


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