Why the BBC Good Food Show at NEC, Birmingham is a Must Visit!

Why the BBC Good Food Show at NEC, Birmingham is a Must Visit!

http://www.necexhibitionstaff.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/sampling-staff-good-food-show.jpgWhy the BBC Good Food Show at NEC, Birmingham is a Must Visit!

BBC’s Good Food Show is returning to National Exhibition Center in Birmingham with four days of food, frolic and fun. From 30th November to 3rd December 2017 visitors will have the chance to meet the top chefs in the United Kingdom and witness them cooking LIVE. It also has many great stalls for sampling amazing new dishes and trying out new fusion cuisines from around the world.

Wide Variety of Exhibits

Independent producers are also available at the center and you can select from a wide range of fresh organic produce. You will also find big brands selling their items on special promotion because the festive holiday season will be upon us. The lineup for this year’s grand event includes Michelin star chefs Tom Kerridge and Michel Roux Jr. Other famous cooks including baking queen Mary Berry and crowd favorite James Martin will be bringing your favorite dishes to life.

The exhibition attracts many exhibitors from all over the U.K. who want to showcase their food, produce, cutlery and other food-related items in order to attract new customers. You can witness demonstrations of different kitchen knives, learn how to create delicious dishes using your favorite pantry essentials and connect with other food lovers from all over the country.

The BBC Good Food Show gives people a chance to sit in on interviews of famous television personalities and have their cookbooks signed by their favourite chefs. People can also take pictures with them during the meet and greet sessions organized during the four days. Other than that, there are plenty of interactive sessions and master classes to attend and learn new cooking techniques, exchange recipes and join the discussion on food.

From wine tasting sessions to chocolate lounges, there is something for everyone at the Good Food Show. You can roam around the hall and buy delicacies such as bacon jam from local artisans and fellow connoisseurs. This is a great place to find a collection of products that are not easily available in supermarkets.

Hospitality staff Good Food Show NECDemonstrations and Sampling Staff at the Good Food Show

Exhibits that attract a large number of crowds are those that offer free sampling or showcase interesting products during live demonstrations. These are put up by brands, local farmers and other small-scale entrepreneurs. With the large crowds, you need professional staff to handle the situation and remain friendly and efficient throughout the day.

NEC Exhibition Staff provides hostesses, demonstrators and other staff for generating leads. They are capable of bringing in crowds and holding their attention so that your company or brand imprints a lasting impression in the visitor’s mind. We train our staff to follow your instructions and maintain their conduct keeping the objective of the client in mind.

Our staff is hard working and experienced at representing companies in exhibitions across the U.K. They can successfully execute demonstrations and answer any queries customers might have about the product. You can call us at any time to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.

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