demonstration staff, NEC, BirminghamWhy Hire Professional Demonstration Staff?

Trade shows, bustling shopping malls and shops, and conference halls are all busy places. A cacophony of noise, lights and colours, there are several firms all completing for the attention of potential customers.

Everyone is giving something away or running a competition, and there are businesses who are launching their latest products and innovations too. Somewhere in this heady mix is you and your product or service.

How do you stand out at a trade show? How do you get your products and services noticed by those that matter?

Are professional demonstrators the answer?

Product demonstrators are the professional people you could hire that make your business, brand and product stand out for all the right reason. They are the people that can cut through the noise, placing your product firmly in front of people.

There are four main benefits of hiring demonstration staff from a professional agency such as ourselves…

promotions demonstration staff at the NEC in Birmingham#1 Stand out
We’ve already alluded to the fact that demonstrators will help your product and brand stand out. This cannot be stated enough but we also understand that you need and want to stand out in ‘the right way’.
Polished, professional, knowledgeable, experienced and skilled, our demonstrators have everything you are looking for.

#2 Create and harness the ‘Crowd Effect’
Have you noticed how some booths and stands at trade shows and conferences always seem to draw a crowd?
This is because the stand attracts attention which draws a crowd, which continues to draw a crowd. And continues to draw a crowd… and so on.
These booths attract a crowd because there are plenty of people to engage people, keeping them talking and this in turn attracts more people. Professional demonstration staff are part of this equation.

#3 Professional representation
Compare a successful stand with a less-busy stand or in-store demonstration area, and you will notice one significant difference: people.

With plenty of people to engage and meet people, you can see why delegates and customers are attracted to that particular stand. Add into this the fact that these demonstrators are trained, seasoned professionals, and your brand will reap the benefits of professional representations.

hire demonstrators for exhibitions at the NEC#4 More leads
And finally, professional demonstrators generate more leads. But it isn’t just about getting contact details – it is about qualifying these leads as much as it is about generating attention in your product.

It can’t be understated just how beneficial professional product demonstrators are for in-store demonstrations, to trade shows and conferences.

Why hire professional demonstration staff from us?

Our team will be fully briefed and familiar with any product they are demonstrating before arriving at the show or attending an in-store event. They will have the background to the product and your company so when they engage customers, they do by meaningful, informative conversations.

Competitively priced, the return on investment of professional product demonstrators is second-to-none. And that’s why for your next NEC show, you need to contact the team at NEC Exhibition Staff.

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