Hire Fantastic Brand Ambassadors at the National Exhibition Centre

At NEC Exhibition Staff, we want every client who comes to us to reap the rewards of success. And for that reason, we offer a range of promotional services including brand ambassadors.

But what is a brand ambassador? How does it work as part of your marketing strategy?

What a brand ambassador does…

A brand ambassador – a professional promotional ‘performer’ if you like – brings alive every detail of your brand to the high street, event or promotion.

Storytelling is an important part of marketing because it brings the experience alive, as do characters. A character linked to your brand that can be seen, spoken to, listened to and generally interacted with is a great example of experiential marketing.

Experiential marketing is when something can be physically touched.

And so brand ambassadors at your next NEC Birmingham trade show engaging with your customer demographic is a great example. Or the brand ambassadors acting as sampling staff, demonstrators or the flyering team giving a great performance on the street are just as exciting for your brand.

Hiring a brand ambassador!

We work with customers across the UK, providing brand ambassadors as part of their marketing campaigns and activities – and this includes brand ambassadors at NEC Birmingham.

We understand that promotional staff need to be fun, smart, reliable and professional.

When you come to us, we make sure you get not only the best people but the best service too;

* Handpicked – we have thousands of promotional staff with a wide range of talents registered with us. Many have vast experience of working as brand ambassadors for brands. We handpick your brand ambassador or a team of people who have the skills and talents needed to make your campaign a huge success.
* Briefed – our staff never turn up ‘blind’ to a campaign. They know what the brand is all about, what is expected of them and so on.
* Responsive & intelligent – when our promotional staff see opportunities, they take them because they understand that they need to be responsive and intelligent in how they get the most from an event.
* Reliable – on time, every time. It really is that simple.

Brand ambassadors from NEC Exhibition Staff

Brand ambassadors are just one of the promotional staffing services available from us here at NEC Exhibition Staff.

But it one of our most popular. That’s because it gets results. Word of mouth advertising – similar to what brand ambassadors can deliver – has a positive effect with some marketers suggesting that the conversion rate is as high as 66%.  We also have a useful guide with tips for hiring staff at exhibitions, click here to read more!

Why stop at one brand ambassador? Hire a team of brand ambassadors from NEC Exhibition Staff, a leading promotional staffing agency – call us on 0844 800 0071 or send us an email for a no obligation quote today.


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